Audio Programs for Learning and Stress Management

In Sync with the Opposite Sex: Understand the Conflicts. End the Confusion. Make the Right Choices.

Confused about how to communicate with the opposite sex?

In this 4-hour CD audio program Alison Armstrong delivers helpful, life-changing information about men and women. Her material is based on research from evolutionary psychology, but her presentation is delivered with humor, wisdom and compassion!

In Sync with the Opposite Sex offers both men and women practical suggestions for understanding the different ways each gender thinks, feels and communicates. This program is especially helpful for those who have struggled to find a good match in a long-term relationship, but those in established relationships will also find much to help them.

Stress management audio programs by Mark Grant that incorporate bilateral stimulation.

"Letting Go of Stress" by Emmett Miller, MD provides four audio guided relaxation techniques.

The # 1 best-selling audio program since 1980 features four simple yet powerful methods for effectively managing the stresses in your life.

Mind/body pioneer Dr. Emmett Miller's deeply resonant voice guides you through autogenic muscle relaxation, breathing and guided imagery exercises.

Set to the relaxing music of Steven Halpern, each 20 minute program leaves you feeling renewed and refreshed.